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The Association was started to assist those in need. We are ready and continue to stand ready now to give you a hand if needed. This assistance is not intended make your troubles disappear, nor can it be the answer to end all your financial problems. It is intended to relieve some hardship you may be experiencing. The Association has gone to great lengths to prepare a fair path for those who wish apply for assistance. While getting assistance is not Guaranteed, we will consider all available facts. Our aim is to assist the member/family as much is within our power. We now have our Ombudsman and of course our Chaplain who are eager and ready to serve you. Please feel free to contact us. Your information will not be shared outside the Committee—we are committed to your privacy. 


Betty Nelson 813-376-3497


Chaplain: Richard Hoibraten 404-683-2834


Assistance Chair 

I have a need

Is there any assistance that the Alumni Association can help you with? By filling out this form, someone will reach out to you on the next steps.

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