During the 2003-2004 Iraqi Freedom deployment of NMCB 14, seven of its Seabees were killed and 34 wounded. In 2004, a Purple Heart Ceremony was held at NAS Jacksonville, Florida where NMCB 14 has its headquarters. It was well attended by the military community, as well as, retired and former members of NMCB 14. As a result of this gathering, Capt. Bob Brockway organized a small group of key retired officers and enlisted personnel to form an alumni association with a primary mission of aiding the families of those NMCB 14 personnel who were killed or wounded during Iraqi Freedom and any future conflict casualties.

On March 12, 2005 a meeting of the organizing committee was held at the Best Western Hotel & Suites in Orange Park, Florida. Those in attendance were Jack Araneo, Bob Brockway, Randy Bushey, Ron Helton, Al Kenny, Bill Purkis, Joe Schweigart, Bill Tydings, and Mike Wood. Neil Orange, who also was part of the organizing committee, was not able to attend. An organization was set up and interim appointments were made to the Executive Committee (Board of Directors and Officers). The initial purpose of the Association was in keeping with the following goals:

1. Camaraderie within the Seabee community, inclusive of all Navy rates, ranks and designators.
2. Support of the inclusive Seabee community.
3. Communications with members.
4. Historical restoration and preservation.

Other interested personnel were added to the organizing committee for future meetings.

By-laws were established and a nonprofit status was applied for. In November 2007 the nonprofit status was granted. The association was then a 501 (c) (19) military nonprofit organization. Click on the links below for the Nonprofit Documents and By-Laws.

During future planning meetings the first annual reunion was organized and was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Jacksonville, FL on November 2-5, 2006. The reunion was attended by 51 members and 38 spouses. During this reunion a general meeting of the Association was held where Officers and members of the Board were elected.